Billy K.

I currently run Windows XP Media Center Edition on my main development laptop. I have Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio.NET 2003 running side-by-side with no problems.

Are there significant issues I should expect if I upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate without reformatting the hard drive

I don't mind doing so, but I really don't feel like re-installing all my apps all over again.

If Vista does a really, really clean straight upgrade, I won't reformat.

What do you think


Re: Application Compatibility for Windows Vista Visual Studio compatibility with Vista

Mo Nail - MFST

This forum is geared for questions about development compatibility issues on Vista, and this is more a migration issue. You should try posting in the Vista Migration forum for a better response. ForumID=724&SiteID=17

Also note that Visual Studio 2003 is not supported on Vista. See the links below for info on that.