Our application needs to write to the Event Log, and, it works just fine on my XP machine. The application was compiled using .Net Framework 2.0. We found that we had to add a line to the machine config in the processmodel section, and that took care of it on the XP machine. Now, I have installed our App on my Vista machine. Still using 2.0 framework. I get the error: In accessible logs: security. Among other things, it also says The Zone of the assembly that failed was: My Computer. I've searched and searched online, and I've found a few tips on getting this to all work, but, none of my changes have solved my problem. I saw that you could go into the event log settings in the registry and give full rights to it. I did that too. In the Machine.Config file, I've put in the line that worked on my XP machine: <processModel autoConfig="true" userName="SYSTEM" password="AutoGenerate" comImpersonationLevel="Impersonate"/>. In SQL Server 2005, I've made sure there is an ASPNET login and that it has full rights. I also used the right click on my application .exe and ran it as Administrator. I'm still getting the same old error. I've restarted IIS, I've rebooted. I just don't know what else to try. I can't find anything else online that could help. Does anyone know what else I could try It's really important that I get this up and running, so it's driving me crazy!