Jon Perrine

If I uninstall the gadget software on the PC, how do I remove the gadget listed on the device

For example, lets say I install a gadget called "Test". I then enable the gadget "Test" in the Windows SideShow Control Panel. This allows the gadget to show up on the device. Now I go to Add/Remove Programs on the PC, and uninstall "Test". This leaves the "Test" gadget listed on the device, even though it no longer exists on the PC. Is there a way to remove the device entry when I uninstall on the PC

I tried deleting the registry entries that allow the gadget to show up in Windows SideShow Control Panel, but that did not remove the entry from the device.

Re: Windows SideShow Development Uninstalling Gadgets

James Woodall


I presume you are talking about a specific device

Each device implementation will handle this differently.

For the simlulator you can right-click on the screen (at the home page) and select to clear the cache.

Other devices may handle this differently.

The driver can request the list of gadgets from the device but it entirely upto the specific implementation how it handles this.

Re: Windows SideShow Development Uninstalling Gadgets

Dan Polivy - MSFT


In order for gadget uninstall to function properly, you must invoke the Gadget Manager on uninstallation. One of the tasks of the Gadget Manager is to remove such 'orphaned' gadgets, and that is one of the reasons we recommend gadget installers run this on install and uninstall. See this page for more information: