Vinod Sa


Is there any way to ue Window Workflow Foudation in Office 2007 ,so that we can customixe the Office 2207 and set some rule using Windows Workflow Foundation

can any one elaborate on the same with

How to... as considering developer perspective.


Vinod Sardar

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation How to Integrate Windows Workflow Foundation in Office 2007

Matt Milner - Pluralsight

Windows Workflow Foundation is hosted in SharePoint 2007 and can be used there. Additionally, if you have the Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server, you get integration with the client tools so you can interact with server workflows from Office applications.

If you want to run workflows locally in a document, then you can use VSTO to right a custom add-in, task pane, etc. and invoke the workflow tools from there.

You can check out Channel9 [1] for some screencasts and there are plenty of whitepapers and the MOSS sdk available now that have examples.