John Dekker

How do you express an activitybind in xoml when the path needs to point to a registerattached property

I've defined my own CompositeActivity class with one dependencyproperty added using the RegisterAttached method. A little like the PrioritizedInterleaveActivity in Essential WWF.
This activity is used in a xoml. It has a single child activity, a Sequence. The sequence has a number of activities. One of the activities needs the actual value of the dependency property attached to the sequence. But how do you express that in xoml

"{ActivityBind MySequence,Path=PrioritizedInterleaveActivity.Priority}" does not seems to work. It results in the following error:

error 1549: Activity 'PrintLine' validation failed: Path 'PrioritizedInterleave.Priority' used to specify member for 'MySequence' is invalid. Path needs to point to valid member.

Thans for your help.

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation How to activitybind with a registerattached property in xoml?

Shelly Guo - MSFT

You can only use ActivityBind on actual CLR properties or fields. You can try creat a CLR property that delegates calls to the attached property and then bind to the CLR property. Or if your property doesn't have to be an attached property, you can just make it a regular dependency property and bind to it directly.

Shelly Guo