Steve Watts

I attempted to install WWF yesterday but was not successful.

1) Installation was on a "clean" machine Win XP SP2, VS 2005 already installed.

2) I installed the WinFX February CTP WinFX Runtime Components. Installation was apparently successful (no error messages).

3) I installed the Visual Studio 2005 Extentions for WWF Beta 2 (EN). Again apparently no errors (Took almost two hours over a DSL connection).

I have no new project types in VS. Thinking that I might have had to install vs specific components, I downloaded and installed vsextwfx.msi (Dev tools for WinFX). Clean install and I now have "Avalon" project types in VS 2005.

I looked more closely at the "VS 2005 Extentions for WWF Beta2 install" and if I select the "custom" install, the "tree" of selections doesn't look like it has any WWF components in it.

What should I do I can download and install again, but I don't want to go through another 2 hour install if I can help it.

Thanks for your help.


Re: Windows Workflow Foundation No templates show after installation of WWF

Steve Watts

I tried again this afternoon and was successful. But the reason is pretty bizarre.

The installable exe file that I installed yesterday, Visual Studio 2005 Extentions for WWF Beta2 (EN) was downloaded from the MSDN downloads page on March 3. This file does not install the WWF stuff. It installs the latest Windows SDK! (all 1.3 Gb of it, downloading it as it goes).

I did an on-line install (ran from the website) of the same file from the WWF Community page today and it worked fine.

Someone at MS should make sure that all the links are pointing to the right files, although this doesn't answer why the downloaded file was named correctly.


Re: Windows Workflow Foundation No templates show after installation of WWF


How did you get vsextwfx.msi installed on our machine My machine keeps telling me that I need .Net3.0 even after I have installed .Net3.0 and verified that it works perfectly.