Hi, I recently tried to upgrade XP Pro to Windows Vista X32 business edition. I clicked on the Install Now button and it said please wait. After entering the Key,  a error  message stated  that ACPI  not found.. The XP Device Mgr shows ACPI enabled and working. ACPI is enabled in the Bios as well. I have heard that the HAL may not have ACPI enabled. The MB has the latest Bios that I can find.

 I also saw somewhere to try to do a "clean" install without the Install Key but don't activate. Then do the upgrade install over the unactivated Vista. I am wondering if this will keep my installed applications in the Registry . I do not know what to do. Please help, I am just a teenager..


Motherboard: VIA K7VTA3

Video card:PNY tech GeForce 6600 STD AGP 256MB

Hard drive Hitachi Desktar 160GB

Memorex DVD/CD writer/reader/burner

AMD Athlon 2600+ 1.91Ghz

1GB of Memorex RAM