Hi friends,
I'm new learner in direct show.Could any one please explain me how should i debug sample
MPEG1 parser source code or How should i debug direct show component or filter
source code in order to understand the flow of free source code that comes with microsoft sdk
or free parser source code avilable.
I will be very greatful to you.

Re: DirectShow Development How should i debug direct show parser?

Ralf G

The easiest way to debug a DirectShow component is to set GraphEdit as the Debugging command for the filter/project you want to debug.

In VS2005 you would rightclick the project->Properties
Navigate to "Configuration Properties->Debugging" and select graphedit as the "Command".

Now you can debug your code as normal by putting breakpoints in the source code.
Once Graphedit has started build a complete graph that contains the filter you would like to debug.
Once you then "run" the graph, your breakpoints will be hit.

If you are already debugging, I'm assuming you've built the DirectShow Baseclasses already
Remember that you'll have to link in the built lib file to your own custom filters.

For some nice informative links, examples and downloads also check out the pages by Geraint Davies, Chris P. and THM
And of course MSDN has a wealth of information: