I have previously installed the Beta 2 of the WinFX Runtime Components. Actually I have only installed the Workflow Foundation and the Workflow Extensions for Visual Studio 2005. After manually uninstalling these in the Software section I tried to run the installer of the .NET Framework 3.0. This gave me following error message (sorry in german):


I tried to translate the error:

"Thank you for attenting the Beta program. You have to deinstall all products of the Preview version in a certain order, before you can continue the setup process. You can find additional information on the support page for the unistallation and in the info file.

- Microsoft Windows Communication Framework Language pack - DEU

- Windows Presentation Foundation Beta 2 Lang Pack (DEU) v3.0.51116.0"

Then I tried to use the uninstall tool "vs_uninst_winfx.exe" which uninstalled whatever was left. If I run it now it says, that there no products to remove. My software sections doenst show any of the above mentioned programs.

I just dont know what to uninstall anymore.

Please help. Thanks.

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation Cannot install .NET Framework 3.0 after removing WinFX


After uninstalling those products was it the same message you were getting during the installation of .NET framework 3.0 or a different message if different then what is the new message



Re: Windows Workflow Foundation Cannot install .NET Framework 3.0 after removing WinFX

Aaronru - MSFT

Do you still have the original installation package

if so one thing to try is to re-execute the language package that was originally installed. This will bring up either the repair/uninstall screen or will prompt you to install.

If you are prompted to install then go ahead and install, which will actually repair your installation. Then run the original language package again, which will display the repair/uninstall screen.

If you prompted for repair/uninstall then choose uninstall. Uninstalling from the original language pack normally works for me.

Reply if this does not work.


Re: Windows Workflow Foundation Cannot install .NET Framework 3.0 after removing WinFX


Thanks for your help, but in the meantime I managed to install the framework 3.0.

What I did: Every time I tried to install the new framework I got this error message. So i removed every entry in the windows registry which had the exact same key as in the message. I also removed the empty WinFX directory in the Windows directory. After that the installation finished without any errors.