hello to all,....first, forget me if the post is not in the right place.

Well, i have a problem in windows vista,....i have a dvd burner (pioneer dvd dvr 110D model)
but the windows vista, i dont know why, do not rrecognizes the right speed to burn on my dvd (16x max velocity) some times, is 1x, other times is 4x in vista only because a week ago, in xp work¡¯s just fine, and i do not have problem with nothing except in xp i have problem with the security, thats is the reason for what i move my sistems files to vista

and the second problem is i dont know what program i must use to burn dvd/cd/iso, etc in vista, in xp i always use nero last version, but because the vista directx 10, i cant install nero 7.X because the program forced me to install direct X 9.0 C with out this, do not install

and i loosing my mind :S

i need help plz!

pd: oh i forgot i have vista bussines 6.0 version

Re: Optical Platform Discussion Burning A DVD In Vista

Henry Gabryjelski - MSFT

Hi Joni,

When you insert a writable DVD media into Windows Vista, the autoplay dialog should appear and prompt you for the volume label immediately. (this is on a clean install w/o any other writing apps -- nero not required!) You should be able to just drag and drop the files after the initial formatting that this prompt results in. This allows you to write to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM (maybe others too, I don't have the full list in front of me). You can also choose the "advanced" option during the volume label prompt to choose to use IMAPIv2 in the shell; this results in discs that are more interoperable with consumer electronic devices. Windows Media Player and DVD Maker also use IMAPIv2 to create discs, if you want to make video or audio discs.

For the ability to burn ISO images, that is also supported by our APIs in Windows Vista, but Microsoft did not finalize the code in time for the RTM release. Therefore, that feature was cut (against our team's strong objections). There is at least one free program to burn ISO images in Windows Vista available:

I hope this helps,


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thanx, i will be try it :)

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Brad Spencer

I'm having a different issue trying to burn DVDs. I get the following error: Windows was unable to complete the format. when trying to use a DVD+R. CDs work just fine, but this error comes up every time with DVDs. I have a 1 year old Plextor PX-716AL drive that burns DVDs fine in XP (with additional software of course). I have contacted Plextor support and they said that this drive should work in Vista.

Any ideas



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Henry Gabryjelski - MSFT

Hi Brad,

Are you using the default (live file system), or choosing the advanced options (mastered image)

If the former (live UDF), then I'll re-direct this question to the file system team.

If the latter (IMAPIv2), then we'll have to investigate more.



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Just installed the Resource Kit Tools for Windows Server 2003. Successfully used DVDBURN.exe to burn a DVD from an .iso file. The resource kit tool installation throws some compatibility warnings during the install but the dvdburn program works like a champ. Using a Plextor PX-716UF external via USB 2.0 on a ThinkPad Z60M, Vista Ultimate RTM, DVD+RW media.

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You can use magiciso to burn iso file to dvd. It can work properly.

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Evan Moore

I am having the same problem with vista 32-bit ultimate and my old LG 2x burner. I was burning just fine last week in Linux, and now it fails with a similar reason (can't remember the exact text). It fails when I try to burn live filesystems, mastered filesystems, or dvd video from Win DVD Maker. Oddly enough, CDs still burn fine.

Any help would be appreciated. I am willing to buy a new drive if I have to, but am worried that it may have the same problem (just be faster).


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Jeremy Smith

When using Windows DVD Maker. The encoding seems to work, then the disk pops out and i get an error.

Cannot create the DVD
The owner SID on a per-user subscrption doesn't exist.

I can format and burn data DVD's, but Windows DVD Maker is a no go. I also noticed that the latest version of Nero has about the same problem. I don't get the error message, but Nero goes off into lala land and never finishes.

I have a Dell XPS 400 with HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GWA4164B ATA Device. The driver provider is Oak Technology v I have the latest CD flash update available from Dell.

I have tried dvd-r dvd+r, different brands... no dice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If i can't figure out how to get video to the DVD, I'm going to have to fall back to MCE2005.


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Hello :)

Please forgive me if i post in a wrong section, i got here by googling for my persistant problem.

I am using Vista Ultimate, and i have big troubles burning data DVD's with various applications (latest Nero, Ashampoo, ImgBurn and Vista's build-in applications). I always get errors such as "Power calibration area error", "Illegal Disc", "Unable to perform end of disc-at-once" etc etc etc. In the past two weeks i have wasted around 20 blank discs of three different manufaturers - Princo, Sony (recommended by the manufacturer of my writer drive) and TDK (also recommended by the manufacturer of the drive).

At first i used my old writer (LiteOn) which worked perfectly under XP with only Nero 5.5, but when it would not burn ANY DVD in Vista, i swapped that writer with a new one (also a LiteOn but different, much later model). Now i get around 50% of my DVD's burned ok, some more that can be read only in the burner and many that are burnt only just a very little bit, basically just enough to render them useless.

- Ashampoo seemingly burns the disc fine, yet it is completely unreadable, even in the burner ("Windows can not read from this disc. The disc might be corrupted or using a file system that is not recognised by Windows")

- Nero burns some ok, some readable by burner only and many with "Illegal Disk", "Power Calibration Error" or "Unable to perform end of disc-at-once", always during burning the lead-in. All those discs are wasted.

- Windows Vista itself gets stuck in the beginning, it formats ok, but when starting to write to the disc, it just sits there stating "1 hour 16 minutes remaining" and freezes at that stage, have to push the "reset" button to get the PC to restart (task manager would not come up, explorer goes down too, basically a hard-freeze of the whole system, only the mouse pointer does still move). The disc is wasted as well as a little bit of data is burned onto it.

- Only ImgBurn gets the job done, but almost always needing several retries due to "Power Calibration Area Error", at least that program does not waste the discs!

Once again, under XP i had no such probklems, EVER. I burned around 250 data DVD's ubnder XP with the old burner (which btw still works fine on another XP machine!) and the old Nero version, without having a single one wasted. So it is something in Vista that causes these problems.

Is there a way around this issue Like running XP in a Virtual PC Window, can it burn DVD's I would use the Nero 5.5 but need to know if it will work before i waste even more DVD's.

Kind regards......


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Hi I am having the same problem in vista. It seems to go through the entire process 99% then the dvd would pop out and an error message would appear. I have tried searching for a solution to the problem, however windows dose not have a solution to the problem or I am looking in the wrong place. I was hoping that there would be a patch or instruction on how to deal with the problem.

Cam Any One Help

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I have a new HP Pavilion w/Vista Home Premium and am trying to format a Sony DVD-RW using the Live File System ver 2.5. Attempting several times seems to produce different results. First: "Windows is unable to complete this format" with 0 minutes left. Other times it hangs. Other times it gets to "0 minutes left" but never seems to stop. The error log shows media has a bad block, other times no error. I'm confused and at a loss at what do try next. Please help.



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I have the Same Problem! Every disk I try to farmat it gets 99% finished,..then a message appears.."Windows unable to finsh format."

I have looked High and Low for an answer!!!! Did anyone answer the question for you IS anyone able to help PLEASE!

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i was and still hoping that windows would release a patch, so far no news. No replies with a solution to the problem. Did you manage to get some help



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Hi I had a similar problem, mine was 98.6% then the disc would pop out. I seeked a resolution on the net and was advised that it was a codec problem and that I needed to update them. I was directed to

I was advised to ensue the removal of all previous third party codec before installing. ( 3rd Party only not the ones that came with vista.)

This seems to have worked ...fingers crossed