I'm calling IsProcessDPIAware and it always returns TRUE. Creating a simple Win32 app running inside or outside the debugger (it doesn't matter), and it still returns TRUE regardless of whether I have a DPIAware manifest or if I called SetProcessDPIAware or not.

Running Vista in a remote desktop session.

Is this expected behavior

Re: UI Development for Windows Vista Problem: IsProcessDPIAware always returns TRUE


Further testing revealed that this may be by design, i.e. is only an issue under remote desktop (regardless of whether desktop composition is turned on or off in the remote desktop settings). So Vista style DPI scaling for non DPI aware apps is a feature not available in remote desktop

e.g. I set my DPI to 144 in Vista, and access the machine in remote desktop. I have to make my sure my app looks good (does the right thing) just as I had to under XP.