Can someone please shed some light on this error

Type information for activity 'loadReviewerWithSMS1.codeRaiseReviewersLoaded' was not found in the database. The type may have been changed without versioning the assembly.

LoadReviewerWithSMS is a custom activity in my workflow that was to replace LoadReviewer. What I basically done:

I had a StateMachine workflow that had a custom activity LoadReviewer as one of the steps.

We have this workflow in production. Now the need came up for some more functionality, so I created a new custom activity and called it LoadReviewerWithSMS. I took the old LoadReviewer out of the workflow and replaced it with this new one. Now it is giving this error above. When I look in the Workflow database, I don't see the entries for this new activity of mine, I know this could be the problem. Someone said something about versioning assemblies, and that's what I did, the old version was changed to after adding this new activity. I can't seem to get to the root of this problem, can someone please help.

Thanks in Advance


Re: Windows Workflow Foundation Type information for activity XXX was not found in the database. The type may have ...

Ranjesh - MSFT


Did you clean out the databases before you tried versioning the assemblies Also, could you please post the complete stack trace