Pavel S.Tsarevskiy

Greetings to all

I have a problem with using LoadMUILibrary() function and MUI technology under Windows XP.

I tried to use Vista MUI technology which is supposed to work under previous version of Microsoft OS.

I want to solve the problems with localization my application.
I want to make one project which contain neutral resources for example icons, bitmaps, etc. And projects which contain language specified resources for each language. So, The main benefit, we can use LoadMUILibrary which make HMODULE which contain handle to both neutral and language specified resources. Then we change default resource handle using
AfxSetResourcesHandle(). There're no resources in exe module. And therefore it's not necessary to indicate HMODULE for some load resource functions which load neutral resources. Otherwise, it's not necessary to duplicate all neutral resources in each language dll library. So, for all load functions resource handles would be clear.

But, when I did test version of my application I saw that It's working under Windows Vista, but under Windows XP, HModule didn't indicate neutral resources, so it's impossible to load both neutral and language specified resources using one HModule under WinXP.

Does anybody know about it

Microsoft says that this technology is working under XP.

For additional information go here: url=/library/en-us/intl/mui_LN_files.asp url=/library/en-us/intl/mui_LoadMUILibrary.asp url=/library/en-us/intl/mui_Downlevel_Support.asp url=/library/en-us/intl/mui_Win32_Resources.asp