Chintan Jhaveri

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Does sqlPersistence take time to persist date in the database I mean is there any interval or fixed period when workflow runtime persist the data

Sometimes when I call some event of my work flow, executions happens fine and data in my application database gets saved and even workflow is also executed perfectly, but in the database the data is not persisted. But when I fire the same event after some time the data gets persisted. Is there any logical reason behind such behavior



Re: Windows Workflow Foundation sqlPersistence


You can use the Unload method of the WorkflowInstance to force the Persistance service to persist data into DB.

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation sqlPersistence

Angel Azcarraga - MSFT

If you're using persistence and you have UnloadOnIdle set to true, then the workflow will unload and persist when it has no work to do. Technically speaking, this means the its workflow scheduler queue is empty.

The reason you see this sometimes and not all the times is that perhaps your event gets fired before the workflow goes idle, where as other times it may happen after the workflow has already idled, in which case it will have persisted.