Piers Lawson

I am using VS2005 SP1 for Vista of Vista Ultimate to develop a web appication. WHen I either debug (F5) or just launch the site (Ctrl+F5) the solution builds and IE is opened. The first page can take some time to appear, but even when it has finally appeared, I can't use the browser for around 1 minute. Intially the cursor doe change shape as I move over links. After around 20 seconds the cursor changes but clicking on a link has no effect till at least a minute has passed.

I'm running VS2005 as administrator and the launch IE has Protected Mode set to Off. At first I thought it could be the self hosting being slow, so I change to using a real virtual directory. Same problem. If I launch a browser myself and navigate to the page, it responds well and fast (even if I do this at the same time the VS2005 launched browser is locked).

The same Add Ons seem to be loaded in both the VS2005 launched browser and the one I launched from the start menu.

Any ideas

Re: General Windows Vista Development Issues Internet Explorer freezes when launched by Visual Studio 2005

Dan C.

I had the same problem.

Windows Vista Business

VS2005 SP w/t Vista patch

Happens when using IIS as well as the ASP.NET Development Server.

Launching page directly (i.e. not through VS2005) comes up instantly.

I just discovered that if I disable the GoogleToolbarNotifier, this problem goes away!

If this applies to you, try this

  1. Click Google toolbar Settings button
  2. Options
  3. More tab
  4. Uncheck "Set and keep search settings to Google"

Not sure why this is.

Good luck,