I'm trying to develop a game engine using C++, and have been using DirectX... Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectMusic etc, however when I got to using DirectShow I got told Visual Studio.NET couldn't find amvideo.h. After searching on the internet I found someone saying that it had been put in the Windows Platform SDK, and something about it not being advised as the best thing for game design any more.

Please could you tell me if this is true, and if it is true, why it is not suitable and point me in the direction of something that is I'm trying to display video files such as AVI and MPEG. Also unless I misunderstand the signing in system, I can't get on the DirectX forums redirection to write my query down on that forum because for some reason it seems to presume that everyone wanting to go in that part has an Xbox or something, which I don't.


Re: DirectShow Development Playing AVIs and DirectShow


Ooh, I have just found the post about this, never mind!