Our application which I am preparing for vista certification mainly consists of a service. Ok there are a couple of extra exe's and a app for requesting software licences, but the real deal runs as a service. There are three of the test cases that don't seem to make as much sense when dealing with a service. There are:

TC 8: Fast user switching doesn't impact the service, as its not normally run in any other way.

TC 31: Is this applicable to a service If so how does one go about performing this test on a service

TC 32: What is the service expecetd to do (if anything) when it recieves a exception How can it display the WER dialog

I hope its ok bunching the three questions together, as its just about the same problem, that is how do I handle my service with the test cases.


Re: Application Compatibility for Windows Vista I am a bit uncertain how some of the test cases relate to a service

Bruce N. Baker - MSFT

here you go....

TC 8: NA

For TC31 and 32 It IS applicable, and they just need to run the test case.

For TC32: Make sure the WER dialog is displayed when access violation occurs and the proper error messages are written to the event log.