Here's the problem:
My application is supposed to run 24/7. The user sets up the camera (which
camera, what type - PAL/NTSC, Brightness, Hue, Flip Horizontal, etc.) using
the Vendor supplied setup screens. If for some reason the computer shuts
down (power failure, etc.) and then is turned on again, the application
starts to work automatically.

I need a way to save all the user's definitions (a dump to a binary file - I
don't have to know what they are exactly) so that I can read them, and
"inject them" to use as defaults when the program automatically starts on
its own. This way the user will not have to be involved in setting up all
the parameters again.

Is there any way to do this
Thanks for any/all ideas,

Re: DirectShow Development How to save user-defined camera parameters?

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