Hi There! Hopefully this is the correct place for this :).

I have a few questions about both Shell_NotifyIcon in vista, such as:

1) What do



do How can they be used, etc. They don't appear to be documented (could have missed something...)

2) NIN_POPUPOPEN/CLOSE say "Sent when a pop-up window opens." - does this mean when the tooltip pops up

3) The built-in "System Icons" in vista (sound/internet/power) have very different behaviour from past notification icons. The "tooltip" they pop up has icons, settable text and is bigger and doesn't appear in the taskbar at all; instead right above it. In addition when you click those once they bring up a top level window with a border with more text, including clickable text/links and whatnot.

Is there any way to get this behaviour in user-built taskbaricons without resorting to non-standard windows Using a spy++-like tool they don't appear to be using the built-in tooltip functionality at all, instead seemingly using windowless controls (through DirectUI I imagine) for their "tooltips".

Thank you for your time :).

Re: UI Development for Windows Vista Vista Shell_NotifyIcon questions

Geir Olav Heiene

Hi - did you get an answer somewhere regarding how to program BaloonTip for Notify Icons on Vista

I have code for XP sp 2 style information tips on the system tray, but it is not compatible with Vista. Have not found any examples on this applied on Vista yet.

Kind Regards

Geir Olav Heiene