I need a Window with a glass-border like the standard Windows-Explorer, that means

  • Caption with Min/Max/Close Button
    But it should not display the icon and the window name
  • In the Taskbar the window should be shown as normal, with full name on taskbar button

That the way the Explorer appears. I already experimented with different Window-Styles but was not able to achieve a similar behaviour. I found no way to prevent the Title-Bar to display the Window-Name or a way to tell the Taskbar to use a different name(e. g. when setted windowtext to empty). I was able to eliminate the icon from Titel-Bar by setting the WS_EX_DLGMODALFRAME style.

Is there an easy/quick way to achieve this, without drawing the caption / border by myself

Re: UI Development for Windows Vista Glass-Border like Window-Explorer


Ok i found a solution by myself. Helpful functions are:

SetWindowThemeNonClientAttributes resp. SetWindowThemeAttribute

With that functions Caption/SysMenu/Icon etc can be removed from border