William Xie

Hi all,

I am trying to develop a usb interface for a tuner device.

1 . I have a USB device driver usb.sys which handles data sending, connection, recieving and etc, provided by the vendor.

2. I developped a directshow player to display the TV program that is recieved from the tuner device. The data stream format fro the tuner device is MPEG2 TS via USB.

Right now i am trying to connect this two things together. I understand that i need a capture filter in directshow, i also read about video capture minidrivers and stream classes.

I am quite lost about the structure now because i am not sure what i need to do next. my questions:

1. Do i need to have a Stream class driver or use ks.sys

2. is the USB device driver considered as a miniDirver if not, how do i write one for my tuner device

3. if how do i connect the miniDriver with the stream class driver

4. how do i use the stream class driver in directshow, do i enumate the device as a capture filter

Your experties will be greatly apprieciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: DirectShow Development Help on Directshow+USB+Tuner application

Chris P.

You way outside of our area of expertise here. We don't write drivers, we use them.

It was my understanding that if you write a stream class or WDM source it should get enumerated automatically as a DirectShow capture source provided the relevant flags are set (don't ask me what the flags are).

If you're only interest is DirectShow you don't really have to write a driver at all, just a source filter registered to the Capture Devices category.

For more information you will have to go digging in the DDK and ask on the DDK forums.

Re: DirectShow Development Help on Directshow+USB+Tuner application

William Xie

Hi Chris,

Thanks anyway for your post. It helps Smile