I use Sequential WF & I've many "Code Activites" in the WF .


I need a particular "Code Activity " to be processed when a specified event fired in the "Window Application" project .

Details :

I pass data btw 2 projects""Window Application project" & "Workflow Project".

When an event fired,in "Window Application project" , I send data to Workflow using parameters using:

Code Snippet

WorkflowRuntime wr = new WorkflowRuntime();


In that way the whole Workflow will be executed from beginning to end w/o stopping .

BUT I don't need the whole Workflow to be executed ,just a specific activity.

I've read that I can overcome that problem by sending the event & the arguments to the Workflow,But I couldn't understand it well.

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation Pass data from a "Window Application" project to Workflow project

Ranjesh - MSFT


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