Robert Wilczynski


I was considering the solution mentioned in the title for my current project:

WCF service hosted in IIS receives a request and processes it by invoking an event (workflow waiting on HandleExternalEvent activity) for a specific workflow. It shouldn't actually deliver the event and resume execution of unloaded workflow, just register an event. I would then like the default scheduler running in a windows service to pick it up and process it. My initial tests seem to tell me this scenario is not supported. I was using manual scheduler in WCF service without calling scheduler.RunWorkflow(...) hoping I would get it to work that way but with no luck.

Has someone tried the approach I mentioned and succeeded - am I missing something

I can think of other ways to approach this scenario one of which would be using the IIS hosted WCF service as a proxy to another WCF service hosted in the windows service with default scheduler running. Any other ideas Any plans for supporting this scenario using a combination of manual and default scheduler in separate app domains

Any chance I can come up with my own scheduler that would support this scenario (want to make sure before I dive into framework internals)

Best regards,
Robert Wilczynski.