I'm running into a problem when trying to register an exe. On the call to registerTypeLib() I get returned an error 8002801C, I think it implies that I can't access the OLE registry. I tried with both an Admin account and also through a service using LocalSystem. Both returned an error. Thanks for any info.

I'm on Vista RC2 on a 64 bit machine.

Re: Windows SDK Registration Error? 8002801C??


I am running into the same issue with a remote customer.

I found this link, I'm not sure if it will work but you can try:

Also see this: PostID=1169682&SiteID=1

Re: Windows SDK Registration Error? 8002801C??


I was trying to register an ocx by hand (e.g. regsvr32) and it was failing with the same error code on Vista. Instead of using the Run window, I finally did it by hand in a console, which I opened as administrator. That probably won't help you out to register by hand, by the steps at this link might work: