Simon Williams 123456789

I have generated a standard msi file using Visual Studio 2005 for our application that we are hoping to get certified for Vista. I have applied some patches to the msi so that it passes some of the tests.

When I run the installation, it doesn't ask for elevation until after you click one of the "Next >" buttons (the one that actually copies the files). This "Next >" button doesn't have the shield icon on it, and when asked to elevate, it refers to it as an "Unknown program". Is this OK, or could it fail the certification If it would fail, please could you let me know how to change the msi so that it will pass

I won't be shipping a bootstrapper program (setup.exe).

Many thanks.

Re: Application Compatibility for Windows Vista Application Installation file (msi file) generated by Visual Studio 2005

Oliver Lundt - LN

You would fail becuase of of the test cases requires the msi to be signed. There is a discount from verisign right now for people getting certified. It's ok the msi doesn't elevate until the "next" button. Windows installer knows how to handle msi's and it will only elevate when it needs to. That's why an msi doesn't require a manifest (that and they are only for exe's).

Good job on making sure you pass all 32 test cases before you submit!! I recomend having at least 2-3 people go through the test cases independently before submitting.