Ali Khan

I work for a company that develops retail softwares. For that, first of all "process models" are made in Casewise/Vision to put in all business process/rules. Once client confirms its business is correctly modelled, then erd, design, and development comes into play.

I wanted to ask recently I learn about BPEL integration in WF. Now, is it possible process model (made in any tool like visio/case wise) generate a BPEL and that then goes into VS.NET which translates 'process flow' (in process model) into workflow.

This would mean you would have code automatically generated for any process flow with the help of process model only.

Is there any tool available for above, or is it possible technically Is there any company which is working on this idea


Re: Windows Workflow Foundation Process Flow and Workflow - How to use bridge of BPEL

Moustafa Ahmed


As of now, Microsoft doesn't ship a tool that allows you to generate a BPEL from a visio diagram. Microsoft has released an add on for WF to provide developers with support for building applications using Windows Workflow Foundation and BPEL. You can download the CTP here: FamilyID=6d0daf00-f689-4e61-88e6-cbe6f668e6a3&displaylang=en

Thanks, --Moustafa