Good Morning,

I've gone thru a bunch of the samples, tutorials, a wf 101 book and am now reading the shukla\schmidt book.

What I need to do is the following, and have a fairly good idea how to accomplish all but number 4. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

1 Create custom activities for an app that is basically a document signature workflow, activity to create a doc, activity to route to users, activity to digitally sign the doc, etc.

2 Create (one or more) state machine workflows based on 1.

3 Host the workflow instances\runtime in a web service

4 be able to query WF for workflow instances, in specific states, with specific roles associated with that state.

5 based on input from 4, provide a ui to actually do the work involved, process that work, and then tell WF to move on to the next step (via wf program instance queue if I am getting the lingo right)

So, for number 4, I need a mechanism to query passivated, persisted data, correct I read about the Tracking service, but that seemed like more of an event handler, not a query mechanism

Thanks in advance!


Re: Windows Workflow Foundation How to query the workflow runtime for (possibly persisted) workflows/activities in specific states?

Qiang Lin - MSFT

It looks like to me that you should design a customized tracking service that notes down the current state and roles of the workflow instances. Yes, the tracking service itself are a bunch of event handlers. Well, once you got the data collected by your tracking service, then you can query them. Yeah, that is some work for you to do.