Trond Jostein Pettersen


I'm currently trying to start a Biztalk orchistation by calling a WebService as the starting point for the job. The orchistration is built and deployed succesfully, and all logical ports are connected to the acutal ports in the Biztal administration console. I've checked that the location of the ports are correct and exists.

Each time we try to call the webservice to call, the eventlog produses this error message:

The Messaging Engine failed to register the adapter for "SOAP" for the receive location "/startmovexwebservice/StartMovexWebService.asmx". Please verify that the receive location exists, and that the isolated adapter runs under an account that has access to the BizTalk databases.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem is

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation Biztalk error - messaging Engine failed to register ...

Tom Lake - MSFT

This forum is for questions about Windows Workflow Foundation not BizTalk. I am not sure exactly where at forum on BizTalk is but you could try and find out from Where Is the Forum For... .