Alex Du

I set up a virtual machine,the OS is windows XP Pro SP2.

And I installed VC++ Express first, then install Windows Vista SDK update. When I try to complie the TSP (Text Service Framework) samples which is weitten in C++ and a makefile along with the source code.

The instructions of the sample ask me to run vsvars32.bat first, I ran it successfully.

Then it ask me to run "setEnv.bat /RETAIL", but in this version of SDK, the setEnv.cmd does not suppurt /RETAIL but /XP, so I ran it with /XP. It called vcdetect.exe to config VC internally, but it prompt me vcdetect.exe is unable to config VC for me.

I'm not familiar with VC. So could anyone please give me any advice to solve this issue

Re: Windows SDK Issue When I use Vista SDK update to compile TSF Sample

Karin Meier - MSFT

Try this: run VSIntegrate and set environment with "setevv.cmd /x86"

Karin Meier

Windows SDK Team