I was just wondering if its just me or is every one having really slow response to windows opening I tried a few registry tweaks from online to no avail. I have a 6600 video card with the latest 8715 driver. I also opened my task manager to see if its taxing my cpu or memory and it doesnt seem to be using hardly any. So thats good, but it looks like maybe thats the prob it should be using it. Any input oh ya running 5308 86x with all updates and drivers working.

Re: Windows SDK Slow response!!!


Same problem here jadog. At first I thought it was just internet, but no, it is anything I try to open. I click, double click, wait, wait; sometimes it doesn't open at all. I have checked just as you have, including spyware, registry tweaks, etc, and the only thing I have found so far is you! Glad to know I am not the only one, but wish someone (Microsoft) would address this. Thanks for your post, and if you find an answer, please post again.