I want to have a PC with Dual-Boot (Windows Vista Business and Windows XP Pro SP2), using two HDD and Dynamic Disks, but i can't import in XP the Dynamic Disk created in Vista, get dmio error at starup and using Diskpart and diskmgmt.msc i also get a similar dmio error, how can I solve this problem

I install XP on Disk 0 and convert it to Dynamic Disc, and i install Vista on Disk 1 and convert it to Dynamic Disk.


Re: General Windows Vista Development Issues Dual Boot Windows Vista and Windows XP using Dynamic Disks



I hope that by now, (Aug 13th ! already!) that you have the answer to your question.

I now have same problem! !

I have 2 HDD (SATA II). XP Pro / Bios "sees" (boots to) only HDD0.

Currently HDD0 is XP, HDD1 unused.

Always boots to HDD0 even when I choose HDD1 as boot device

in BIOS boot menu.

Intel OEM says to contact Microsoft for Dual Boot setup, but the only

info I can find in Community Forums are from users having problems!

I'm sure lots of users doing 2 HDD dual boot, so,

appreciate any light you can share...