Dr Adrian Colquhoun


I my card selector has suddenly stopped loading with the following error in the event log of the client machine (error appears twice for each failure):

An error occurred when communicating with the Windows CardSpace service. Validation of the caller's identity failed.

additional Information:

at System.Environment.GetStackTrace(Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo)

at System.Environment.get_StackTrace()

at Microsoft.InfoCards.Diagnostics.InfoCardTrace.BuildMessage(InfoCardBaseException ie)

at Microsoft.InfoCards.Diagnostics.InfoCardTrace.TraceAndLogException(Exception e)

at Microsoft.InfoCards.Diagnostics.InfoCardTrace.ThrowHelperError(Exception e)

at Microsoft.InfoCards.ClientRequest.Authorize(IntPtr rpcIfHandle, IntPtr context)

The first time it happened a reboot made it go away. Now it seems to be back to stay. Has anyone else had similar problem or any suggestions where to look

I couldnt find anything searching the forum or on google



Re: Windows CardSpace (InfoCard) Card Selector Stops loading

Toland Hon - MSFT

This error usually means that someone's touched the CardSpace binaries and the signatured that signed the binaries aren't valid anymore.

Have you tried reinstalling .NET Framework 3.0

Re: Windows CardSpace (InfoCard) Card Selector Stops loading

Dr Adrian Colquhoun


I tried a repair on the framework but that didnt sort it out. Its a development machine and I am actively developing a cardspace solution but I dont think I have done anything (intentionally) with the cardspace binaries. Is there a way I can check this Also, the error intially dispeared after a reboot and the test application started working agin



Re: Windows CardSpace (InfoCard) Card Selector Stops loading

Dr Adrian Colquhoun

To further confuse this - I returned from a few days break today to restart me computer and find ...its all working again