I have a new HP Pavilion dv6318 Vista Home Premium and am trying to format a Sony DVD-RW, DVD+RW, CD-RW, CD+RW using the Live File System ver 2.5 or other format.

Attempting several times seems to produce different results.

Initiallay: "Windows is unable to complete this format" with 0 minutes left.

Other times it hangs. Other times it gets to "0 minutes left" but never seems to stop. The error log shows media has a bad block, other times no error.

I lost nearly 10 CD and DVD's, however , now I am very much bothered about my Vista OS, as the basic feature for Windows is not available and poorly released into the market.

I searched the Microsoft entire..but not having any solution to this problem

Please do the needful..atleast in directing me to the right link to fix the problem..or not sure..but need to throw Vista out of my new Laptop and buy XP

Re: Optical Platform Discussion Unable to Burn CD / DVD using Vista Home Premium

David Burg - MSFT

This forum focuses on OS level topics and is primarily intended for application developers. It is not intended for discussion of user-level optical issues observed in concrete applications, such as DVD Maker or Windows Explorer. Please use other support channels for user-level issues (e.g. for Microsoft products).

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