We are having problems with FindFirstChangeNotification using vista - I wonder if anyone can help or has had similar problems.

We have been using FindFirstChangeNotification to monitor images coming in from a camera for a couple of years now (on XP) with no problems. We have now got a couple of laptops running Vista and find we only get notifications on every other image coming in (we then pick up both new images).

However if we run Windows Explorer at the same tim and view the folder the images are coming into with it then we get each notification as each mage comes in. Minimise the Windows explorer and we are back to getting notifications every other image!

On top of that we are printing stuff every thrid image and if we turn the printing off we get notifications on every image (whether or not Explorer is running).

The only relationship I can see with all this is it seems to be some sort of client server issues.


Re: General Windows Vista Development Issues Problem with FindFirstChangeNotification in Vista


What are you doing in between the calls to WaitForSingleObject() and FindNextChangeNotification()