Yaroslav Kazmin


I need to run workflow on my Asp.Net web site, but before running workflows I have to download them from different sites.

The problem is when I put downloaded .dll file to my Bin folder then IIS restarts AppDomain and all Session values are gone, When I tried to put compiled workflow to different folder then I have this exception.

How can I solve this problem

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Yaroslav Kazmin

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation GetWorkflow throw an exception "Could not find an assembly"

Jonathan Davlin

You can actually keep them in RAM and catch the domain's resolve events for assemblies and types.
However, you must be careful to only load each assembly once.

This can lead to problems though when you need to grab updated versions of assemblies the workflows reference because you will need to handle versioning. With the workflows, it's easy because you can throw in a guid as part of the assembly name and change it each time you create a new version, so it isn't really versioning, but for references it can be a ball of yarn.