Manesh R


I am working on a mailing application.Like in anyother mailing system I have a body part attached where a user can enter any text and format(change the size,font etc) the text in any way they want.I wanted the data to be stored in the databse in the format given by the user and when retrieved back should be visible in the same format as inserted in database.One way to do it in .Net FrameWork 3.0 is by using the following:

textRange.Save(stream, format)

The format can be either a RTF Format or XamlPackageFormat.

While trying this I was able to store the data in a File and was able to store and retrieve the data in the format entered by the user.I am facing a problem while trying to store the same in database.

Can you please help me by suggesting any method or control for this

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation Problem in storing formatted data in database


Hi Manesh.

this forums for windows workflow foundation.

the solution that you can store text in database as text and store with each record the format then after you retrive the text and format from database then apply the format on text.

table in database will contains colums for text and another for format .

best regard.