Kevin Sharp

There is a setup program which can run on xp correctly that file can copy to the system32 folder, but after this setup program installed on vista, the file can't found in the system32 folder, althought I using CopyFile() function in test program, it can not copy file to system32 folder too. what I need to do

Re: Application Compatibility for Windows Vista how to copy file to system32 folder automatically

Oliver Lundt - LN

Only drivers and system files should be installed to sytem32 folder according to Vista Software Certification. Here are a couple thoughts that could be going on.

1) If this is a system file that is protected and registered in a different location, Vista will "lie" that it's install when it never is.

2)Your install may not have the permissions as "Admin" to install to that location. However I would expect a failure from your setup program.

Are you using an msi to install If so you can generate a log file with more details on the install process and find what went wrong. Is a script or custom action called durring the install process