Tamas Kalman

I need support for cd burning in my software, so I tried a couple of code samples using IMAPI, but It does not work on every Vista machine I tried. It seems to be a solution to copy the files to burn to the staging area, and then launch the burning wizard. So my question is that how can I lunch the CD burning wizard from C# code in Vista

Re: Optical Platform Discussion Launch the CD burning wizard from code, in Vista

David Burg - MSFT

Hello Tamas,

There is currently no UI element in the IMAPI API. The burning wizard is part of the shell32.dll code for explorer.exe.

Your request for a generic UI/wizard to call is however interesting to us. Could you share with us further information regarding your project / company (Feel free to use optissue@microsoft.com to pursue this conversation.)

Best regards.

David Burg.