I have an single exe installer which I've built using InstallShield 2008 and signed with a code signing certificate from Comodo using the integrated code signing features of InstallShield 2008 on a WinXp PC with IE7.

During the build process the log indicates that the signing of the both the msi file and exe were successful.

When I try to run this installer under Vista I get a UAC prompt during the install for the msi file which has been extracted to a temporary location by the single exe which says unidentified publisher. If you click on details it shows the location of the msi file, unidentified publisher and the code signing details of the msi file. Eg: Product Name and Company Name etc.

If you navigate to the temporary location of the msi file and and look at the digital signature of the msi file it appears to be appropriately signed.

I believe the issue relates to how InstallShield signs the code but as I'm new to code signing I can't be certain.

If you try to run the installed application as an administrator the UAC prompt is as expected (eg doesn't show unidentified publisher), so that would infer the certificate itself is ok as the same certificate was used to sign the application before building the installer.

Any assistance on how I can resolve this issue would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.