I did this and saw new depend properties at workflow scope that somehow seem to be tied to other depend props at activity scope but don't understand what ties them together. I see the new properties declared in the code with getter/setter functions but don't see anything in the code or .xoml files that causes a value to be copied to or from another depend prop. Where is this


Re: Windows Workflow Foundation promote bindable properties

Shelly Guo - MSFT

Promoting activity properties causes new dependency properties being generated at the workflow level (or at the root activity level if you're designing an activity). The original activity property is then bound to these new properties through ActivityBind. If you look into the .designer.cs file, you'll notice a call for SetBinding that sets up the binding between the old activity property and the new workflow property. You can also see the ActivityBind object for the old activity property in the property grid of the designer.

Shelly Guo