I would like to know if it is possible to paste small images consecutively on a richtextBox. I am using an approach where in I have the images ready with me...and I copy them to a clipborad and the paste it from the clipboard on to the rich text box...

However, the problem here is that I cannot paste these icons continuously one after the other..

Another major problem is that, I need to paste these icons at the next immediate cursor location. Till now, I have managed to paste is at a calculated pixel location. but cannot have the pasting of icon done with respect to Cursor location.

I also have no clue as to how to receive the events when one of these icons are clicked on the rich text box.

Re: UI Development for Windows Vista Pasting of icons in a RichTextBox


Forget it if you can....I just did....Yes you can paste image in rtf using SelectionStart...then set SelectionStart=SelectionStart+1 and paste it again....I maneged almost everything but problem is rtf itself...I needed to past images of different size...if image was inserte at charposition 10 in first line of rtfbox and it width was 48 it should occupy 3 places in rtfbox....rtfbox text said "123456789 10", so I had image on position 10...Fine...now tried that same thing on positin 3 with same width it has occypied 3 places...now I have "123 456789 10"....My point is that now matter how big is the image it is only one space in text...and latter I wasnt able to access those images...nightmare