I have e-mailed Toshiba(my laptop brand), and Nvidia. They did nothing. So will MS do something PLEASE!

I have an Nvidia Geforce 7600 Go 256MB Gfx card in my laptop. Everything worked perfectly on Windows XP. Could play many games Maxed out settings(such as guild wars). Now I cant even play GW on lowest settings without MAJOR lag.

Toshiba said they don't know when they will develop a driver for this graphic card to work with vista well.
Nvidia said go talk to your Laptop Provider because they make the drivers specific for it I guess Tongue Tied

So will Microsoft fix this ...I cant play CS: Source even anymore, while on XP I could play max settings and have around 160FPS and 250FPS on simple maps such as ice world, but now on ice world I hardly get 40fps...and thats also with lag Sad

I dont want to use 'hacked' or modded drivers, just one official driver released by MS/Nvidia that will make it work.

I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium, and my Driver version is: release date 12/19/2006...

Any help please! I have all updates possible for vista, important/recommended. Still no improvement Sad

Re: General Windows Vista Development Issues Driver problems please help!


SO no solution I just have to deal with playing 2d games or lag in movies until I can afford another Computer...