Hi, I'm interested in adding a new view into explorer. The view will give a custom view of files in a directory or search result. I really need to be able to use a WPF control to render the folder/search result contents because of the advanced visualisation needed.

So, in the 'Views' menu item in Explorer, it will list Large Icons, Medium Icons, Small Icons, Details etc. And at the bottom, I would like it to say "Tim's View".

Can anyone give me a pointer as to how I might achieve this



Re: UI Development for Windows Vista Adding a new view into Explorer


Not sure about adding a custom view, however I'd warn against using WPF to create shell extensions of any kind. Doing so creates a dependency on .NET 3.0 in Explorer and subsequently anything which uses a Common File dialog. This will break any applications which require a different version of the CLR.

Re: UI Development for Windows Vista Adding a new view into Explorer


Can someone explain why I dont see any options to view folders like I can in XP. Why in the world does Vista use angled folder previews and not give other options (that are easily found atleast) I like how XP's folder preview shows atleast 4 tiled pictures in the preview, much more helpful in aiding me to remember what folders contain what series of pictures, rather than Vista where the angled preview only shows one picture and part of another.