I am looking for an exemple of SideBar gadget compatible with SideShow.
I try to get this exemple: Stocks (Windows SideShow enabled).gadget li=d4eb1c1d-3eeb-4273-a56e-d1f41804b047&l=7
But when I try to unzip it, it says that the file is not valide.
I suppose the file is corrupted
Do you know an other exemple


Re: Windows SideShow Development SideBar with sideshow-ennables

Dan Polivy - MSFT


If you install the Stocks gadget on your machine, it will be unpacked to \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets, and then you can view the source. The file itself is in CAB format, not ZIP. That's the best example we currently have, unfortunately.