I have created a Directshow filter that has 1 input, the base class is CTransformFilter. The input is MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB24. The filter does some color correction.

Now I would like to add another input and make it a two input video filter for DirectShow.

The idea is to use the second input for doing a composite.

Both inputs should be both MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB24.

Has anyone done this before

Should I still be using the CTransformFilter base class

Or should I use another base class or extend CTransformFilter base class to support 2 inputs.

If anyone has any code samples for 2 inputs vide filter that would be great

Don James

Re: DirectShow Development DirectShow 2 input filter


I just use the VMR-9 and screen capture the composition.crude but effective.

Re: DirectShow Development DirectShow 2 input filter


I am outputting the result of the filter to finally get saved to a AVI file.

So I am not really sure I can use VMR stuff as that seems to be more related with the video renderer rather than the 'file renderer'

Anyway maybe that's not true, so if someone know this then let me know



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Yeah, so are we, but by no means are we professional or doing any of this for money but here is what the output looks like, even feeding back the actual screen capture frames into the vmr for additional psychedelic effects with minimal coding. v=OYLtqKg3yUo

this is 6 inputs - 3 cameras 1 of which is tripled and then a screen capture feedback loop.