I am on Vista Now and I have an image of Vista OS on E:\ and want to restore this image to D:\

This is what I do to go about this:

I have an autoexec.bat file and Boot.ini file as below:

bcdedit /import "d:\bcd backup"

@echo off

prompt $p$g

echo Loading...

Ghost.exe -clone,mode=pload,src=D:\SLWRK09_VistaHomeBasic.GHO:1,dst=1:2,szeL -sure -quiet ¨Crb

[boot loader]

timeout= 5


[operating systems]

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

C:\ = "Ghost"

1) I copy both these files to C:\ before ghosting the machine

2) sys properties->advancedtab->startup & recovery->Default OS to earlier version of Windows

Now on restart the default selection is ¡°earlier version of windows¡± in WBM which in turn launches Bootcfg of Win98 which has the following entries

Microsoft XP Professional

Ghost ( See boot.ini above)

Since Ghost is the default selection it takes the ghost image from the path defined in autoexec.bat and ghost the machine to restore a fresh vista image and restarts the machine

This is where my problem is:

Now in WBM the default selection again is by default ¡°Earlier Version of Windows¡± I want to set this to ¡°Microsoft windows Vista¡± by default

Can this be set using the bootcfg Or should I set this using the bcdedit.exe. I tried the latter by including a bcd import command (see the autoexec.bat above) but even that did not work


I have either vista or XP on my machine at any point of time not both. However Win98 is always there with either Vista or XP.

Thanks & Regards,

Ashok Sanjeev.