I am trying to consider WF for a scenario like the one explained below. Pretty new to WF. Appreciate if anyone can validate my thought :

Scenario goes like this:

A number of activities which include picking up data from db, decision making, calculation etc need to performed based on a schedule. The actitivities or their flow may get changed, that means we shud be able to plug-in this part as and when needed.


-what can be the possible host for these work flow A batch of work flows need to be executed based on a shedule

-how do i imeplement the plug-in feature here i may make change to the work flow or i amy add new workflow with a set of extensive activities which the scheduler need to pick and execute

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation work flow and scheduler

Vishal Kalra - MSFT

Have you evaluated SQL Server 2005 Integration Services as an option for doing what you want WF does not provide database related activities out-of-the-box.

Re: Windows Workflow Foundation work flow and scheduler

Martin D. Randall

The Workflow Foundation system can enable your plug in capability in a number of ways. For instance, your workflow .XOML files are just XML files that are interpretted at runtime - so you can chop and change those how you wish. You may also want to look into the service provider type architecture of WF. With this, you add services to the workflow runtime that workflows and activities can use. By defining one or more service interfaces, you can provide some level of plug in capability by implementing different concrete implentations of these service interfaces.

I hope that helps.

Martin Randall


Re: Windows Workflow Foundation work flow and scheduler


Thanks martin. I will look into the same.

Just happend to read about wf scheduling services. Does it fit into my scenario I want to execute a batch of workflow on a schedule - say nightly events.