Blair Allen Stark

not sure if this is an orcas problem.

yesterday C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\mscorsvw.exe had consumed all available physical memory

I run ngen version 2.0.50727.312 from command line:

ngen executeenqueueditems

memory is slowly reclaimed from mscorsvw.exe though ngen.exe grows and ngen never finishes and consumes all physical memory (peaked at about 450mb mem consumption and then fluctuated with a delta ¡À10mb.) After 20 minutes, I terminated ngen via a ctrl+c. and rebooted (but didnt log in as I was on my way out)

I came in this morning and logged in. Again my machine was slow. I looked at task manager and once again the mscorsvw.exe had hogged all the memory.

Again, I run ngen executeenqueueditems, and, once again, it appears to hang consuming all physical memory

I notice that ngen seems to have kicked off an msiexec process. . .

I terminate the msiexec processes and it ngen starts throwing some errors related to the microsoft.visualstudio(v 8.0.xxxx)

and hangs again but with a few more msiexec processes. again I terminate them and ngen starts throwing more errors related to microsoft.visualstudio(v 8.0.xxxx)

and then starts building the version 9.0 assemblies and then hangs again for a while.

finally I terminate ngen.

One more time, I run ngen executeenqueueditems, and this time it appears to run in a more friendly manner. . . it immediately tells me it will compile 87 assemblies (it never did that before, it just gave me the version information) and that it is -

Compiling assembly Microsoft.VisualStudio.EnterpriseTools, v8.0. . . and then sits there for a while. . . been sitting there for 10 minutes now.

I will let it run for a half an hour and see what happens.

at any rate, is this normal behavior


Vista x86 RTM/3.2 ghz Pentium 4ht w/1GB memory

software (abbreviated to what appears to be relevent)

Visual Studio Code Name Orcas (devenv.exe v9.

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (green bits)

MS Office Ultimate 2007 RTM

Microsoft Visual Studio 2007 tools for office

Microsoft SQL Server Everywhere Edition v3.5

Microsoft SQL Server Everywhere Edition Developer Tools v3.5

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory

Blair Allen Stark

well, after an hour or so, it never got past the EnterpriseTools assembly. . .

I killed the msiexec . . . it compiled abunch of other assemblies. . . threw some errors and then hung on

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling, Version=

gonna kill the msiexec and see what happens, yep that forced it to compile a bunch more. . .  now hanging on:

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Diagrams.GraphObject, Version=

killed the msiexec again and

it compiles a few more then hangs on more. . . have to repeat the process

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


Same issue after installing Visual Basic....

Was there ever a permanent fix

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory

Karen Albrecht - MSFT

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Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


Sorry, but this thread is not answered. Where is answer How can I correct this problem I personaly have very similar problem and unfortunately now I have no more enough patience because I have tried 1000 times to install .NET Framework 2.0 and always gain only PC that is not responding and only thing that I can do is hardware reset.

Of course I have searched on MSDN and googled other forums but without success. After some analyse I know, that process mscorsvw is reason that PC hangs. Therefore I think that my problem is very similar and hope that it has the same solution. The same is that problem occur whenever mscorsvw starts generating native image. Others have luck that this process only eats all memory and CPU. My PC at this situation hangs. Naturally through the use of System Configuration Tool in Windows I have stopped all processes other than "native" processes of Windows or Microsoft and rebooted.

For the first time problem occured at installation of .NET Framework 2.0 (I have also 1.1 for many yeas with no problem) because setup runs ngen and thus mscorsvw and tries to generate native images of many assemblies.

At one forum someone recomends to stop MSDTC, whereas at other forum recomends to run this service. Can someone exactly describe which running services mscorsvw needs Or where is reason that generating of native image causes that PC hangs Or where can I ask

I have XP Prof with SP2.

Thank very much for early answer.

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


Apropos, how can I mark this thread as unanswered

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


I liked "patria"s explanation for the problem in this thread.

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


Thanks nobugz, but it didn't help.

I have made folowing:

- Startup type at "NET Runtime Optimization" changed to manual

- rebooted PC

- Key in system registry according to patria deleted

- started service "NET Runtime Optimization" (was started process mscorsvw, but in a while ended - has nothing in queue)

- in command line i wrote:

ngen.exe install "mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" /NoDependencies /nologo

Program wrote only

Installing assembly mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089
Compiling 1 assembly:
Compiling assembly mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089 ...

Process mscorsvw runs and consumes 97% of CPU and in a while PC stops responding

Please do you have more tips to proof I have read all threads with word "mscorsvw" incl. links but without success. Am I sole with this problem

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


It is not unheard-of but it is a pretty obscure problem. Patria's post is the only one I've seen that resembles a diagnostic. If you don't want to re-install everything from scratch (including Windows), I'd recommend you contact Microsoft Support.

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


Thanks nobugz. Re-install everything is certainly solution but with a great deal of side effects :-) At first I would like to proof Support.

I would like to ask you yet another tip namely the best and quick way to Microsoft Support. On on link "Technical Support with assistance" (or so - I see this pages not in English) I have not found .NET Framework.

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


Microsoft Support covers all support calls, it is not broken-out by product. It depends on where you live, I can only tell you about its US support, although it has been a while. You call a toll free number, twiddle your thumbs for a while, then give the person on the other end of the wire your credit card number. It used to be $125, I think it is less now. They'll assign you a case number (write it down!), then they'll listen to your problem and direct the call to a support engineer. She'll look into a database of problems, looking for one that resemble yours and tries to give you an answer. It is pretty unlikely that answer will work for you.

Now you enter the food-chain where your problem gets "accelerated" to higher levels of support. With different support engineers that handle more difficult problems. Each level will give you some kind of thing to try that will take you long enough to get you off the phone. It takes getting to level 3 or 4 to find somebody that is actually knowledgeable. At that level, they also often need time to "confer" with other people at MSFT to discuss your problem. Presumably, the engineers in the product group that developed the software. One thing to aim for is to find somebody that suggests dialing into your PC so she can see what is going on. Be pro-active about that, it is important not to give up until you've got a good answer or workaround. That can easily take a week or two. Keep calling or emailing back, be a PITA. You've paid for it.

Once the case gets to a resolution, Microsoft will refund you the money if they find out that the problem was caused by a bug in their software. I always got it back. That's not very likely in your case though, it resembles a configuration issue. Enjoy the ride.

Re: Common Language Runtime UPDATE: mscorsvw hogs memory


Thank you for answer that opens eyes.

It is sad that somebody invests at any software and must even more pay support fee on something what he don't cause because configuration issue is also not my problem in case that Microsoft says not what is on PC (dis)allowed for installing. My PC meets all HW and SW requirements, has latest service packs and patches and so on. But this is not theme of this thread. At end I apologize also for my english and thank you for your compliance.