Correct me if i am wrong. To use login,loginview and component like them needs a provider to acces to data. Visual studio has default SqlServerDataProvider. U need to configure your database to use this provider. But sometimes this database model is not suitable. What i want is i need to create my own provider for accesing sql server 2005 database to use component like login control. Has anyone point me a website or a detailed documentation about it Any helpfull experience about this subject will be great. Thanks...Last thing, this subject may be suitable for ASP.NET section but provider will be written on C#, so i decided to post it also here.

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Re: .NET Framework Data Access and Storage How to create a custom data provider for SQL 2005



Some links to get you started:

Database Provider-based ASP.NET Membership Provider

This article is intended to explore the provider pattern in the context of a membership provider. ArticleID=b33fee65-d15e-49d4-9925-e0bab914ae77

Create Your Own ASP.NET Providers

Source Code for the Built-in ASP.NET 2.0 Providers Now Available for Download

Altairis Simple ASP.NET SQL Providers ProjectName=AltairisWebProviders

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