I have added a web reference to the web service from the client project.
The webservice is called ItemsWebService
The webservice has two .asmx files
i.e. orders.asmx and employees.asmx

from the client I would like to call the ItemsWebService. So that the relevant forms on the client calls the appropriate .asmx file.
i.e. the orders form in client calls ItemsWebService.Orders
and the employees form on the client calls ItemsWebService.Employees

At present when I add a web refernce to this webservice from the client I get the two names i.e. orders and employees. I think I should get just the itemsWebService.
Am I right

Re: ASMX Web Services and XML Serialization reference

Clemens Vasters - MSFT

Each .asmx is considered its own service. It doesn't matter what the hosting project and/or application is called.